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Honolulu Car Rental Site Map

This site map is designed to let visitors explore the pages of the website. Some images of the Honolulu Airport are included as a PDF. We encourage visitors to send us feedback so we can add additional information that would be helpful.

At Honolulu Car Rental we are trying to provide the information you need to familiarize yourself with the Island of Oahu and the City of Honolulu.

Most visits to Oahu start at Honolulu Airport HNL Airport. The area immediately near the airport can be the start of your touring experience. We suggest going to the Pearl Harbor activities. Probably the most popular activity is the Arizona Memorial. You can also, see the Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor nearby.

Waikiki Beach is another popular destination for travelers. Waikiki has many fine hotels right on the beach and excellent points of interest nearby.

We recommend doing a bit of research so you can enjoy Oahu. Whether you relax at the pool or beach or explore the Island, you won't want to miss all the sightseeing importunities available.  If you are going to drive around the Island it is particularly important that you are aware of fun side trips along the route. Enjoy your leisure and select the special places that will make Oahu memorable.