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Honolulu Car Rental Cancel of Modify

Plans changed? Flight changed or delayed. Contact us at 866-344-7612 or use the form above to notify us.

A cancellation is as simple as a calling or using our cancellation box above. There is never a penalty for canceling a reservation. No matter the reason we are happy to help you cancel a confirmation. We never charge a credit card until you pick up your vehicle, so please do not hesitate to keep us informed of an issue that would prevent you from picking up a car as scheduled.

Reservation modifications and changes are also not a problem. Use our form above or contact us. Modifications or changes can be a bit complicated. Not all car companies allow modifications. We are here to help, just let us know.


A common request regards the grace period for returning a car. Cars are rented for 24 hour periods. There is generally a 29 minute grace period for daily rentals. If the vehicle is returned within 2 hours of the time it was rented on a subsequent day additional hourly charges will apply. If you return the vehicle 2 hours or more from the time it was rented on a subsequent day, you will be charged for an additional day of rental.

Extending A Rental Agreement

If you are going to need additional rental days once you have picked up your vehicle, please contact the rental company. There local telephone number will be located on the rental agreement.