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Locations at Honolulu Airport HNL, Honolulu Harbor, Waikiki and Aulani Resort

Honolulu Airport Map

Honolulu Map by Google maps, island of Oahu, Hawaii.

Area: 86 square miles (2000) (City and county area in 2000: 600 square miles)

Elevation: 15 feet above sea level

Average Temperatures: January, 72.9° F; August, 81.4° F; annual average, 77.2° F

Average Annual Precipitation: 22.02 inches

Honolulu International Airport Terminal

We always recommend you familiarize yourself with the Islands in advance. There are lots of maps available on the Internet. We included the Google map for Honolulu. However these days you can find help maps in many places.

It seems everyone has a smart phone. Your smart phone is a great source of maps. It is also a great place to get a navigation app. Use the navigation app to tour Oahu and find the shortest route to your favorite points of interest. Remember to get someone in your vehicle to actualy use the app. Driving and referring to the app is unsafe.

Hawaiian Airlines offers a map in flight. Their map is very helpful and specific to each Island.

All car rentals companies offer a map when you pick-up your car. The maps provided are Island specific and will get you around safely. Get directions to exit the airport area and to your lodging. It will save you from the task of concentrating on your accommodations route after a long flight.